Liberals confirm Maine wasn’t asked to pitch in on U.S. ferry terminal upgrades

March 21, 2019 at 11:09 am

The Liberal government’s chief negotiator for the Nova Scotia to Maine Ferry, Transportation Minister Lloyd Hines, confirmed the Nova Scotia government didn’t even bother asking the State of Maine or town of Bar Harbor to pitch in on the $8.5 million terminal upgrade in Maine.

Speaking to, Hines confirmed the Liberal government did not approach the State of Maine or the Town of Bar Harbor to negotiate payment for the renovations for the American terminal where the Nova Scotia to Maine Ferry would dock.

Nova Scotians are on the hook for $8.5 million to upgrade the ferry terminal in Bar Harbor. Taxpayers are also expected to foot the bill for United States Customs officials’ salaries. The Liberal government is currently in negotiations with United States Customs and Border Protection on exactly how much that will cost.

Hines also confirmed the province has not conducted an economic impact study to determine the value being provided by the service.