Liberals continue court battles to hide information

June 14, 2019 at 10:55 am

In the span of three weeks, the Liberals will have been in court three times, using the courts to hide information.

The growing list of court cases is another symptom of a hyper-secretive government.

FACT: On Wednesday, June 12, after months of legal wrangling, the Liberals were told by Nova Scotia’s highest court that the provincial Ombudsman’s Office has the right to unredacted information from the government so the office can do its job on behalf of Nova Scotians.

FACT: On Thursday, June 13, Stephen McNeil’s Liberal government advanced their arguments at the Court of Appeal why a publication ban should continue while awaiting a determination as to whether the Supreme Court of Canada will hear their case.

They don’t want Nova Scotians to know what they instructed Alex Cameron to do. Two courts have already said Cameron should be able to defend his character and say what his actual instructions were.

Now, remarkably, the Liberals are taking the extraordinary step of appealing to the Supreme Court of Canada rather than doing the right thing and complying with the two rulings.

FACT: The Progressive Conservative Caucus continues to jump hurdles to try to find out the management fee paid to Bay Ferries for the Nova Scotia-Maine Ferry. The Liberals’ refusal to disclose this information has forced us to the courts. The Nova Scotia Privacy Commissioner has already ruled that the Liberals should make this information public.

The Liberals continue to prove they’ll put significant energy into hiding information from the public.