Liberals drop the ball on violent offender

October 27, 2017 at 10:40 am

McNeil Liberals ignore MLA Lohr’s warnings

Progressive Conservative MLA for Kings North John Lohr wants answers from the Justice Minister about why a convicted murderer who continues to demonstrate aggressive behaviour is still serving time at the Waterville youth jail, a detention centre that is not properly equipped to deal with such a violent offender.

Yesterday, it was reported the inmate in question, who is now 18 was, again, charged with allegedly assaulting another inmate.

“I’m saddened that another person has been hurt,” says Lohr. “Earlier this month, I said if the Liberal government continues to drop the ball on this issue, there is a chance someone else will end up getting hurt. Now we learn another inmate was assaulted. It’s not right.”

Lohr has raised this issue since news broke the offender would continue to serve his time at the Waterville facility even though he had caused riots, threatened guards and assaulted other inmates.

“The staff at Waterville were forced to house the inmate. Staff and citizens said they were terrified and not prepared to handle this violent offender,” says Lohr. “I don’t want to be the one who said, ‘I told you so’ to the Liberal government, but I have been raising this issue over and over this fall.”

In the Legislature this fall, Lohr tabled a petition urging the Liberal government to take immediate action to ensure staff and inmates at Waterville were safe. He also asked the Justice Minister if the department would implement all the safety recommendations before the offender was moved back to Waterville.  The Liberals did not act.