Liberals fail to address Cape Breton healthcare crisis during fall sitting

October 27, 2017 at 10:41 am

PC MLAs pushed for improvements to healthcare system

Progressive Conservative MLAs Alfie MacLeod, Eddie Orrell, and Keith Bain are disappointed by the Liberal government’s failure to use the fall sitting of the Legislature to make improvements to healthcare services in Cape Breton.

“Cape Bretoners sent the Liberals a strong message during the election. People were clear that they were unhappy with the gaps in our healthcare system, and they wanted change,” says MacLeod, the MLA for Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg. “Unfortunately, this government didn’t listen and nothing has changed. The Liberals have once again failed Cape Breton.”

Orrell says the McNeil Liberals’ continual denial of the healthcare crisis is shameful.

“We don’t have enough doctors, emergency rooms are often closed and people can’t get the mental health supports they need,” says Orrell, the MLA for Northside-Westmount. “Until the McNeil government admits these problems exist, people will continue to suffer. How many more horrific stories of failure in the healthcare system do the Liberals need to hear before they take action?”

During the fall sitting, MacLeod, Orrell, and Bain brought attention to numerous Cape Breton healthcare issues:

  • MacLeod asked the Health Minister why the government is failing to recruit and retain doctors

  • Bain highlighted how the worsening doctor shortage is having an impact in his constituency, Victoria-The Lakes

  • With frequent emergency room closures at the Northside, New Waterford and Glace Bay hospitals, Orrell asked the Health Minister to admit that moving nurses to the Cape Breton Regional is impacting ERs in rural communities

  • Bain and Orrell also attended a rally for better healthcare services at the Northside General Hospital

  • MacLeod spoke out about the long waits for mental health services in Cape Breton. It takes 14 months to get an appointment with a psychiatrist and many referrals go untouched for months

  • After a senior was transported from the Glace Bay Hospital to Cape Breton Regional Hospital by taxi cab during a medical emergency, Orrell pushed the Health Minister to admit there was a healthcare crisis

  • The Liberals misled the public about the amount of money going to improve mental health services for Cape Breton youth, and MacLeod called them out for it

  • Orrell questioned why the government was making it more difficult for female doctors in Nova Scotia to take maternity leave

  • The debate got heated during Question Period when MacLeod would not let the Health Minister off the hook for avoiding his healthcare questions