Liberals flip flop on university president pay out

August 12, 2019 at 7:23 pm

The McNeil Liberals used to think it was unacceptable to pay the salaries of university presidents for a full year after they retired. Labour and Advanced Education Minister Labi Kasoulis now says paying presidents not to work is none of his business.

“This Liberal flip flop is a slap in the face to every Nova Scotian who works hard and makes sacrifices to send their kids to university,” says Labour and Advanced Education Critic Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin. “Government should do everything they can to put an end to contracts that send hundreds of thousands of dollars to retired presidents rather than toward educating students.”

In 2016, former Minister Kelly Regan said the contracts stuck in her craw “and sticks in the craws of all Nova Scotians.” In fact, she declared that “(it’s) just simply not acceptable for this kind of thing to go on.”

“When the Liberals face a choice of standing up for taxpayers or standing against them, they choose standing against them every time,” says Smith-McCrossin. “We stand up for students and hard working Nova Scotians. It is our business to ensure your tax dollars are spent wisely.”