Liberals hide Engage boss and ex-Liberal leader from taxpayer scrutiny

March 29, 2017 at 10:17 am

PC motion to bring Danny Graham before Public Accounts committee blocked by McNeil Liberals

HALIFAX, NS – The McNeil Liberals used procedural games in the legislature’s Public Accounts committee to block a Progressive Conservative motion to shine the light of transparency on Engage Nova Scotia.

The motion, brought forward by Progressive Conservative MLA Tim Houston, would have seen ex-Liberal leader and Engage Nova Scotia boss Danny Graham appear before the committee to answer for his $13,500 per month salary and other expensive operations.

Two weeks ago, the McNeil Liberals came under fire for what many Nova Scotians view as another Liberal patronage plum.

“If the McNeil Liberals felt there was nothing to hide, they would have no problem letting Mr. Graham appear before the committee to answer some basic questions about what Engage Nova Scotia is up to,” said Houston. “The fact that the Liberals don’t want Nova Scotians to hear the truth speaks for itself.”

Houston says the Progressive Conservatives won’t stop demanding accountability from the McNeil Liberals and questioning the merit of the ex-Liberal leader’s expensive arrangement with the government.

Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie has already pledged to end the sweetheart deal when the Tories form government.

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” said Houston. “The seniors eating on less than five dollars a day while Danny Graham makes $13,500 per month will get the answers they deserve sooner or later. It may have to take a change of government.”