Liberals hightail it out of a damaging Spring sitting

April 12, 2019 at 7:47 pm

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Houston says the Liberal government is rushing out of the Legislature following a damaging Spring sitting.

Houston is disappointed the Liberals would rather hurry through a budget and the passing of important legislation simply to evade having a spotlight on their members and further demonstrating their refusal to be honest with Nova Scotians on the ferry management deal.

“This government is running for the hills and taking cover because they sat for four weeks and endured embarrassment after embarrassment,” says Houston. “Rather than demonstrate courage and integrity when facing scrutiny, they hide from Nova Scotians.”

The Spring sitting of the Nova Scotia Legislature wrapped up late Friday evening with the passing of the lacklustre Liberal budget.

Houston says the Liberal budget lacks vision and will do little to help Nova Scotians right now.

“Healthcare is out of control, taxes are at an all time high – the truth of it is, Nova Scotians can’t live like this,” says Houston. “They can’t wait more than two years for these Liberal plans to come to fruition. They need relief now.”

Houston says the abrupt end to the legislature also meant that important legislation is being forced through without proper consideration.

“We need to remember that we are creating laws that affect the lives of Nova Scotians everyday,” says Houston. “The Liberal government is well known for pushing through legislation that is flawed or has gaps that leave dangerous room for change when it comes to regulation. It is shameful that they are more interested in packing up and leaving than doing the work for the taxpayer.”

Houston says a defining moment of the sitting was when the Premier chose to deny allegations of improper behavior from Education Minister Zach Churchill.

“The character of the Premier and this Liberal government was exposed for all to see with the denial and dismissal of serious allegations brought forward by three former NDP members,” says Houston. “I wish I could say these reactions are surprising, but the Premier has made it his mandate to protect his own people over the truth.”

The PC Caucus introduced sixteen pieces of legislation in this session of the Nova Scotia Legislature: