Liberals must explain future for school libraries

June 06, 2018 at 1:34 pm

Progressive Conservative Education critic Tim Halman wants the Liberal Minister of Education Zach Churchill to explain why students in Cape Breton’s elementary schools will no longer be able to go to a library.

Halman is a strong advocate for libraries being in schools. He believes they are a fundamental part of a child’s development.

“Libraries are an integral part of a child’s education. My daughters tell me all the time they love being in their school library,” says Halman. “The Minister’s decision will hurt kids. Books and quiet are critical. Libraries are a place for knowledge and creativity.”

Halman also questions if the decision to remove libraries from elementary schools is isolated to Cape Breton or if the Minister is simply starting yet another massive disruption of education in Nova Scotia?

“We don’t know what the Liberals are planning to do with education in Nova Scotia because Minister Churchill hasn’t given anybody – parents, teachers, or students –  any answers,” says Halman. “And now with cutting libraries? What is the end goal? The minister needs to show real leadership, clarify what he’s doing, and more importantly, answer for why he is taking away this precious resource from children.”

Halman with the PC Caucus will continue to advocate for common sense policies that increase reading and help with academic progress to ensure that current and future generations have the skills they need to succeed.