Liberals must face the public on pot legalization

September 28, 2017 at 11:30 am

Liberals will not hold public meetings to consult on marijuana legalization.

Progressive Conservative justice critic Karla MacFarlane says the McNeil Liberals have a responsibility to include public meetings in their plan to consult on marijuana legalization and that anything short of doing so is a complete disservice to Nova Scotians.

The justice minister recently told CBC News the province’s public consultation process on marijuana will only include phone calls and an online survey. No public meetings will be held.

“The legalization of marijuana is one of the most significant changes to our health and justice systems Nova Scotia has ever faced,” says MacFarlane. “Nova Scotians deserve the opportunity to attend a public meeting and be heard in an open forum.”

The consultation process will deal with key details including how marijuana should be sold, the legal age to buy it and where it can be consumed.

“These questions are too important to not have a robust consultation process that includes public meetings,” says MacFarlane. “What happens if I’m not home to answer the phone or if I live in an area without adequate internet? Does my opinion not count?”

MacFarlane says the government has held past public meetings regarding taxes and highway twinning, so dismissing this issue adds insult to those who wish to voice their concerns.

“Why are the McNeil Liberals scared to hear what Nova Scotians have to say about pot?”