Liberals, NDP can’t be trusted to improve school system

May 13, 2017 at 4:09 pm

Today, the McNeil Liberals and the NDP asked Nova Scotians to believe they can be trusted when it comes to reviewing and improving schools. However, families, teachers and students already know both parties’ record on education, making it impossible to trust them with improving our classrooms.

How can Nova Scotians trust Stephen McNeil with school reviews, after he made the deliberate decision to build schools in Liberal constituencies ahead of ones with much greater needs? Two of these political schools were in McNeil’s own constituency, as well as Education Minister Karen Casey’s. The Auditor General found no evidence to support these decisions.

And, how can Nova Scotians trust NDP leader Gary Burrill when he voted to slash $65 million from the education system? Those cuts led to larger class sizes, less resources in the classroom and growing frustration from teachers. Burrill’s decision to take funding out of schools had a lasting impact on the education system and is what got us in the mess we’re in now.

Now, both the McNeil Liberals and the NDP have announced a moratorium on school closures and improvements to classrooms, but both parties are guilty of playing politics with schools and ignoring real problems in education. 

Neither the Liberals or the NDP have a plan for energizing Nova Scotia’s struggling rural communities, putting more schools at risk.

A PC government will work with teachers to make real classroom improvements, put vocational training back in schools, and grow Nova Scotia’s rural communities so their schools thrive.