Liberals refuse to bring Forestry Transition Team Chair before committee

January 10, 2020 at 9:52 am

Progressive Conservative MLA Tim Halman says the Liberals refusal to bring the Chair of the Forestry Transition Team before the Standing Committee on Public Accounts is a cause for concern.


“At this time of uncertainty for thousands of Nova Scotia families, you would think the Liberals would welcome a forum to build confidence in the transition team and provide comfort for worried Nova Scotians,” Halman said. “I am shocked and disappointed that the Liberals have blocked an opportunity to provide answers for people affected by the imminent closure of Northern Pulp.”


Yesterday, Halman wrote to the Chair of the Public Accounts committee, asking that Forestry Transition Team chair Kelliann Dean appear before the committee on January 22. All members of the committee must agree to an unscheduled meeting.


Liberal MLA Suzanne Lohnes-Croft, citing her position as vice-chair of the committee, vetoed Ms. Dean’s appearance saying she should appear before the Natural Resources and Economic Development Committee. Her Liberal caucus colleague Margaret Miller quickly echoed Lohnes-Croft’s decision.


“The Liberals’ first priority should be providing certainty to Nova Scotians whose future is in jeopardy,” Halman said. “If Ms. Lohnes-Croft is sincere about this issue and its place at the Natural Resources and Economic Development Committee, I will expect that, as the chair of that committee, she will support bringing Ms. Dean forward on a priority basis .”


The PC Caucus will ask that Ms. Dean appear before the Standing Committee on Natural Resources and Economic Development as Ms. Lohnes-Croft suggested.