Liberals refuse to rule out cap on Chase the Ace jackpots

April 27, 2016 at 4:18 pm

Important community fundraisers at risk under Liberals’ watch

HALIFAX, NS – Today in the House of Assembly, the Liberal government refused to rule out putting a cap on Chase the Ace jackpots in Nova Scotia.

Progressive Conservative MLA Eddie Orrell put the question directly to Liberal Gaming Minister Mark Furey – twice. On both occasions, Minister Furey was given the opportunity to clearly state that the Liberals were not planning to cap Chase the Ace jackpots, but he declined.

Chase the Ace fundraisers support legions, community groups, recreation centres and churches across Nova Scotia.

Eddie Orrell

“The Liberals have spent years telling hospitals, charities, community groups and many others that the government is unable to fund them. The Liberals’ answer has simply been ‘raise the money yourself,’” said Orrell. “Local organizations have been stepping up to the plate and raising money with the full support of their communities. Now, the Liberals are putting that at risk. It was a direct question and if the Liberals were serious about supporting communities, the Minister would have given a straight answer ruling out a cap on Chase the Ace jackpots.”

Orrell says the Progressive Conservatives support the efforts of local organizations and applaud their efforts. We strongly oppose a cap on Chase the Ace jackpots. The Northside-Westmount MLA is concerned the gaming lobby will pressure the government to make Chase the Ace lotteries less lucrative and attractive for communities.

“When communities step up and show leadership, government should be there to support their efforts, not to claw them back,” said Orrell. “The Liberals need to get out of the way and let community organizations and volunteers reach their full potential.”