Liberals spend millions more on Bluenose despite expert’s advice

December 29, 2016 at 2:13 pm

PCs call for special Public Accounts meeting

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA Tim Houston says the Liberals have some explaining to do about their decision to spend $3 million more taxpayers’ dollars on the mismanaged Bluenose II project.

Houston has today called for the Standing Committee on Public Accounts to meet at the earliest possible date to examine the legitimacy of these charges recently paid by the government. Recent news articles found that the McNeil Liberals agreed to pay the full $5 million in questionable charges relating to the Bluenose II project despite expert advice that they shouldn’t.

“Nova Scotians expect their government to do what is best for taxpayers, not what is easiest for the government,” says Houston. “This latest chapter in the Bluenose II saga proves the McNeil government is more concerned with political optics than doing what’s right for taxpayers.”

Houston says the Liberals owe it to Nova Scotians to explain their decision to pay out these disputed claims rather than fight for savings. He is calling on the Liberal members of the committee to stand up for taxpayers instead of toeing the party line.

“Sadly, this project has been fraught with mismanagement and secrets,” says Houston. “If Premier McNeil was really committed to restoring the legacy of this vessel, he would come clean about this latest bail out. There are too many secrets surrounding this ship and taxpayers deserve transparency.”