Liberals withhold report from health committee

October 10, 2019 at 2:18 pm

Barbara Adams

Progressive Conservative MLA Barbara Adams says the McNeil Liberals once again thumbed their noses at legislative committees by waiting to release a report on the province’s 811 service until one day after the Standing Committee on Health discussed the issue.

“If the Liberals really wanted the Health Committee to be effective, they would have released the report ahead of time and allowed open discussion,” Adams said. “Instead they were content to hide important information in yet another attempt to evade scrutiny.”

The Liberal Caucus suggested the Health Committee discuss the 811 system. The Liberal government commissioned the $42,000, 90-page consultant’s report.

When Adams asked if the report was available at the Committee, the Medical Director for 811 said he didn’t have the report, but said, “there were a number of very positive things” in it.

Despite being a member of the Health Committee, neither Adams nor her caucus colleague Colton LeBlanc have received a copy of the 811 report. CBC reported that, “nearly 80 percent of physicians and 60 percent of paramedics disagreed or strongly disagreed with recommending [811] to patients”.

“By hiding the 811 report until the Health Committee had concluded, the Liberals made a farce of the Committee and proved once again, they care more about politics than making improvements to the healthcare system,” Adams concluded.