Lloyd Hines owes Guysborough taxpayers an apology: Wolf

April 26, 2017 at 9:24 am

PC candidate says Liberal MLA’s failure to apologize a sign of arrogance

GUYSBOROUGH, NS – Lloyd Hines must apologize for controversial expenses incurred during his years as warden of the Municipality of the District of Guysborough, says Progressive Conservative candidate Rob Wolf.

A report released by Nova Scotia’s Office of the Ombudsman singled Hines out for expenses described as “indulgent” and for practices it called “opportunistic.”

“The taxpayers of Guysborough deserve an apology from Lloyd Hines, plain and simple,” says Wolf. “This is an example of old-fashioned dirty practices that should be long behind us.”

Despite being pressed by members of the media, Hines has refused to apologize for the indulgent expenses. Instead, Hines said he was “very pleased” with the report, because it didn’t find any illegal activity.



“It’s arrogant for Lloyd Hines to think he’s above apologizing for how he handled the taxpayers of Guysborough’s money,” says Wolf. “The fact that he is satisfied with the report because there was no illegal activity found, goes to show how low the ethical bar is set for this government.”

Wolf says people in Guysborough work hard for their money and deserve for it to be handled with respect. The Progressive Conservatives will put taxpayers first and continue to press Lloyd Hines to apologize for his inappropriate expenses.