Lohr calls on Minister of Agriculture to repair the Hantsport Aboiteau

February 05, 2018 at 3:05 pm

HANTSPORT, NS – PC Agriculture critic MLA John Lohr says the Department of Agriculture is failing in its role of maintaining the Provincial dyke system. Lohr says the recent wash out of the Hantsport Aboiteau now threatens the Halfway River bridge and will cost millions to repair. If nothing is done, the highway bridge is in danger of washing out too.

“It’s very unfortunate that the situation was not addressed a month ago when it was just a small breach in the dyke. A few thousand dollars spent at the right time would have saved us millions,” says Lohr.

“I call upon the government to create a quick response plan and a team to address small leaks in the dykes, ” says Lohr. “If that had been in place, the Hantsport situation would never have occurred. ”

The Province has about 300 km of dykes, and it is the mandate of the Department of Agriculture to maintain them. The dyke system is barely adequate now and with rising oceans more will have to be done in the future to protect our farmland, homes, and roads says Lohr.