Lohr calls on Minister Colwell to meet with the Agriculture industry

April 23, 2018 at 8:15 am

PC Agriculture critic John Lohr says Liberal changes to the Canadian Agriculture Partnership will exclude family farms from important funding.

Lohr says Liberal minister Keith Colwell should meet with the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture to address both the 30-day freeze on funding as well as the limitations on small farms. Recent changes have been made to the farm revenue minimum for the Canadian Agriculture Partnership. The threshold to qualify for funding has been raised from $10,000 in farm revenue to $30,000.

“This short-sighted plan has frozen out farmers for 30 days and abandons small farms. Farmers are preparing for planting season, this is horrible timing especially as the busy season of spring is underway,” says Lohr. “Farmers deserve respect and this minister isn’t treating them with the respect they deserve.”

Lohr says the industry needs the Liberal government to act as a partner.

“Agriculture is a vital industry in Nova Scotia, “says Lohr. “Small farms are an important part of the growth in our agricultural industry. This minister has a track record of travelling outside the country before taking care of the needs of an entire industry in this province. This is shameful.”

Lohr says this industry can’t wait 30 days for funding nor should it have to.”