Lohr: NDP plan will not help farmers

September 22, 2013 at 4:15 pm

If agriculture was a real concern for the NDP, they would provide real support

CANNING, NS – John Lohr, farmer and Progressive Conservative candidate for Kings North, today said the NDP announcement does nothing to help farmers.

“As a farmer, I know the agricultural sector was ignored by the NDP,” said Lohr. “The Progressive Conservative plan will bring real change that works for farmers, not election promises that work for the NDP.”

A Progressive Conservative government will:

· Strengthen the Farm Investment Fund by increasing funding by $2 million per year for four years, totaling $8 million in new investment.

· Establish a non-refundable tax credit to eligible farmers who donate to Nova Scotia food banks, which will be funded by $140,000 over four years.

· Increase the sale and consumption of Nova Scotia products at home and around the world by developing Nova Scotia’s first ever Food Strategy, in consultation with the province’s farmers and fishers.

· Restore support to new cultivars of apple trees to increase returns for growers, as part of the Food Strategy.

· Ensure a fair return on farmer investment, crop yields and marketing through strengthening the province’s Farm Investment Fund.

· Expand practical agricultural research by getting more specialists and researchers out in the field working with front line farmers.

· Require provincial departments, agencies, boards and commissions to give preference to local produce grown, raised, caught, harvested, produced or manufactured in Nova Scotia by passing a Buy Nova Scotia First Act.

Lohr noted that tinkering around the edges by the Dexter NDP and McNeil Liberals is not the change that Nova Scotia needs. Lohr says Nova Scotians need a government committed to lowering taxes, stopping wasteful spending and creating more jobs like those that will be created in the agricultural sector by the changes implemented by the Progressive Conservatives.

“The Liberals and NDP have the same high tax, expensive campaign,” says Lohr. “I’m running to create real change that works for Nova Scotians. The choice is clear: if you want more of the same, the Liberals and NDP will continue mortgaging our children’s future to fund their expensive high tax, high spend agendas. If you want real change, the Progressive Conservatives will deliver.”