Lohr says continued cuts to roads hurting Kings North

May 07, 2017 at 3:20 pm

A PC government would double the existing Rural Impact Mitigation (RIM) budget

KENTVILLE, NS – John Lohr is disappointed that the McNeil Liberals government reneged on their commitment to pave Pereaux Road from Canning to Stewart Mountain Road.

The current plan is only to pave half that section. The section that is in the worst shape is being postponed.

“These cuts to our road repairs are really hurting Kings County and all of rural Nova Scotia, “says Lohr. “The Pereaux Road is the only access to Blomidon Provincial Park, which has a lot of camper traffic. It’s a popular park and an important part of our provinces’ park system.”

Not only that, the road has an estimated 50$ million in farm produce traffic annually. Farmers need roads, like Pereaux Road to be in good shape so they can get products to market.

What’s worse is that the funding that was committed to pave the worst section of the road has been cut. Lohr is suspicious the money cut to Pereaux Road was used to fund the Liberal pre-election spending spree.

“Road repairs should not be subject to political priorities but to traffic counts and condition surveys,” says Lohr. “Which road in Kings County needs repaving more than this section of Pereaux Rd? I want to see the data.”

The Progressive Conservatives will invest from the Rebuild Nova Scotia Fund that will add $16 million per year to double the Department of Transportation’s RIM funding, improving rural and secondary road priorities like Pereaux Road.