Lohr wants answers on Valley hospice delays

June 28, 2016 at 1:14 pm

McNeil government misled community on announcement

KENTVILLE, NS – Another two months have gone by and there’s still no announcement from Premier Stephen McNeil regarding the long-awaited Valley Hospice.

On May 1, Health Minister Leo Glavine said the announcement would be happening “so very soon”. Kings North Progressive Conservative MLA John Lohr wants answers.

“Stephen McNeil and Leo Glavine must provide the funds they keep promising,” says Lohr. “Patients and their families, who are dealing with the heavy issue of end of life care, deserve that respect. They have been denied this respect for far too long.”

Lohr has been pressing the Minister about the timeline for the Valley Hospice for the past two years. He says the continuous delays and constant uncertainly are hard on the community.
On May 15, the province announced funding for the hospice in Halifax. Premier McNeil, the MLA for Annapolis, was at the ceremony.

Lohr says this announcement only added insult to injury for the Valley community, which has raised $4 million that has been sitting in the bank for the past two years.

“The people in the Valley have worked really hard to get a hospice,” says Lohr. “They have been continuously told they would be getting their hospice ‘any day now.’ It’s time for that day to come.”

Lohr says the delay in Valley Hospice funding from the Liberal government is a disturbing trend.

“When the pressure is on, the Liberals only pay lip service to improving health care in the province,” says Lohr. “Stephen McNeil and Leo Glavine deal in vague timelines and costs, but when pushed, they have no competent plan to execute.”