Mac Isaac: Desperate Dexter NDP recycles broken promise

September 12, 2013 at 5:52 pm

SACKVILLE, NS – Yesterday’s announcement by the Dexter NDP to bring 24-hour service to the Cobequid Community Health Centre is a desperate attempt to buy votes by recycling a broken 2009 promise, says Sackville-Cobequid PC candidate Peter Mac Isaac.

In 2009, the Dexter NDP promised to keep emergency rooms open 24/7. They broke their promise.

Mac Isaac said he was shocked to hear a broken 2009 campaign promise repeated.

“The NDP had four years to keep this promise and chose not to,” Mac Isaac said. “Now, they’re playing politics with the health and well-being of our most vulnerable.”

Mac Isaac said Minister of Health Dave Wilson, who is also Sackville-Cobequid’s MLA, failed to deliver 24-hour service. Repeating it to residents is a troubling reminder of the long list of broken NDP promises.

The annual Accountability Report on Emergency Departments released days before the election showed that between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013, emergency rooms around Nova Scotia were closed for over 15,083 hours, or 628 days.

“Not only did Dave Wilson break that promise, under his watch the wait list for long-term care beds grew by over 50 per cent,” Mac Isaac said. “Residents of Sackville-Cobequid deserve a representative who avoids making promises they know they cannot keep, not a struggling MLA who offers more of the same.”

The NDP have made it clear they will continue the status quo in health care delivery and the Liberal plan for a super board neglects the unique needs of rural health care delivery. It has failed and driven costs up elsewhere.

A PC government under Jamie Baillie, a chartered accountant, has a plan to target funding of $20 million over four years to improving health care, starting with shorter wait times for real results. Savings will be directed where they matter most: frontline care.

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