MacFarlane seeks fairness for Naturopathic Doctors

September 21, 2018 at 10:35 am

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Progressive Conservative Leader Karla MacFarlane says naturopathic doctors should not face exorbitant fees to out of province regulators to practice in Nova Scotia.

Today in the Legislature, MacFarlane Introduced amendments to Section 4 (c) of the existing Naturopathic Doctors Act. The amendment removes the requirement for naturopathic doctors to pay other provincial regulating bodies just to check a box. These regulators have no jurisdiction in Nova Scotia.

“This government seems to have a major problem with welcoming people with “Dr.” in their name to this province,” says MacFarlane. “We should be cutting red tape for individuals who have committed their lives to treating people, not making more.”

All practitioners must be fully licensed and carry insurance to practice in Nova Scotia. Currently, Nova Scotia does not issue licenses in naturopathic medicine. This means that the approximately 85 naturopathic doctors in Nova Scotia have to pay higher annual fees to maintain licenses in other Canadian provinces that do regulate.

Dr. Bryan Rade president of the Nova Scotia Association of Naturopathic Doctors says his association has been working to become fully regulated in Nova Scotia for 15 years.

“We’re thankful to have this Act in Nova Scotia because it’s a step towards becoming fully regulated,” says Rade. “Bottom line- we want to cut out redundant wording that only serves to place undue hardship on naturopathic doctors who simply want to stay and practice in Nova Scotia.”

Naturopathic doctors are also required to travel to the province that they are licensed for continuing education, on their own expense when equivalent training could take place in Nova Scotia.

“We have qualified, educated, passionate people who want to practice naturopathic medicine here in Nova Scotia, says MacFarlane. This Liberal government should embrace that practitioners actually want to practice here, not push them to leave.”

The bill can be found on the Nova Scotia Legislature website