MacFarlane: Veterans still waiting

September 18, 2013 at 11:48 am

PICTOU, NS – Pictou West Progressive Conservative candidate Karla MacFarlane  says the Dexter NDP did not act fast enough to restore high quality meals for  war veterans in the Northumberland Unit of Pictou County’s Aberdeen  Hospital.

MacFarlane says it’s frustrating to see veterans’ food quality targeted for  cuts while the Dexter NDP maintained wasteful spending in health administration.  MacFarlane also said that despite announcing in June it would take two months to  ensure “100 per cent home cooked meals” would be made available for veterans,  they’re still waiting.

“When you look at the Dexter NDP’s record of inaction on helping veterans  these past four years, it’s clear where their priorities are,” MacFarlane said.  “Instead of ensuring the men and women who fought hard for our freedom get the  proper nutrition and care they deserve, the NDP opted to defend the bloated  bureaucracy in health care.”

MacFarlane voiced her concerns as early as January and suggested cost savings  could have been found in the many layers of bureaucracy found in the province’s  10 district health associations.

“Veterans should occupy a special place in society, but instead the Dexter  NDP has kept them waiting to be treated fairly,” said MacFarlane.

MacFarlane says veterans will come first under a Jamie Baillie Progressive  Conservative government.