MacLeod calls for equity in education

March 16, 2018 at 2:16 pm

Progressive Conservative MLA Alfie MacLeod wants Liberal Education Minister Zach Churchill to explain why Eric Wynn doesn’t deserve to receive the same funding as other students in Nova Scotia.

Eric Wynn, who’s diagnosed with a Non-Verbal Learning Disability as well as being gifted, also known as Twice Exceptional, attends Harbourview Montessori School, a private institution in Sydney, Nova Scotia that has improved his learning experience. Public schools weren’t meeting his unique needs. His parents must pay for the school because Minister Churchill has denied the subsidy that would go toward Eric’s education.

MacLeod says the Liberals have failed yet another family.

“We want the same funding available for Eric that other students in Nova Scotia get. It’s not unreasonable for me to think every student in this province should receive what they’re entitled to,” says MacLeod. “The Liberals know there’s a legitimate alternative available for Eric’s development and I won’t stop advocating for it until he gets what he deserves.”

Eric’s mother, Barbara Wynn, says she will continue to fight for her son.

“Eric is thriving in school for the first time in his life. We were told he wouldn’t be able to read past a grade two level or do multiplication with two digits and he’s surpassed that. He also has less anxiety attending Montessori and is developing great people skills,” says Wynn. “The challenge for us is the cost of the private school. The financial stress has been hard on us as a family, to say the least.”

Since dissolving school boards, MacLeod says the minister can no longer blame the Cape-Breton-Victoria Regional School Board because it no longer exists.

“The minister can no longer pass the buck on to the school boards, but he can make sure Eric receives the same funding that is allocated for all students in the province,” says MacLeod. “I will continue to support students like Eric and make sure bureaucracy doesn’t impede it any way, shape or form.