MacLeod calls out Premier for denying Cape Breton health care crisis

April 27, 2017 at 10:16 am

McNeil insists crisis doesn’t exist despite mountain of proof

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative MLA Alfie MacLeod says he’s in complete disbelief after hearing the Premier of Nova Scotia repeatedly deny that there is a crisis in health care in this province, despite the growing list of problems plaguing the system.

In Question Period yesterday, Premier McNeil rejected the idea of a crisis in health care, saying specifically that he “completely disagrees with the fact that the health care system is in a crisis.

“Cape Bretoners don’t have family physicians, the specialists are moving away and there are very few mental health services,” says MacLeod. “How can the so-called leader of this province stand up in the legislature and turn a blind eye to all of these problems?”

MacLeod says there have even been dozens of doctors, like Dr. Jeanne Ferguson of Cape Breton, who have spoken up about the declining state of health care.

During QP, McLeod read a letter from Dr. Ferguson, who writes, “Medical care has deteriorated in Cape Breton in the past two years. We have lost a critical number of specialists and our mental health service is in crisis.”

MacLeod wants Stephen McNeil to share with Nova Scotians how bad it has to become before he will admit the province is in a crisis situation.

“Every Nova Scotian knows you can’t begin solving a problem if you refuse to admit it exists,” says MacLeod, “and sadly, McNeil used yesterday’s Question Period as an opportunity to finally admit he won’t take action and address the health crisis in Cape Breton, or anywhere else.”

On May 7th, the Cape Breton Medical Staff Association is holding a meeting to discuss how the severe shortage of specialists and physicians is endangering the health of Cape Bretoners. The meeting will run from 1-2:30 p.m., and the Premier and Health Minister Leo Glavine should both attend.