MASLAND: Local roads putting motorists at risk

April 25, 2019 at 1:47 pm

Queens-Shelburne MLA Kim Masland says the Liberal government is putting motorists at risk by not fixing numerous unsafe roads in the area.

“The Minister for Transportation must immediately address these roads. With the last few days of rain, we’ve had roads overflow due to collapsed culverts, potholes, parts wash away and shoulders break away. This is dangerous,” says Masland. “Many constituents have called me to express concerns about emergency vehicles reaching people and to report incidents of school buses refusing to travel on some of these roads. I’m asking the Minister to send extra resources immediately.”

Not only are motorists experiencing serious damage to their vehicles, but it has become a serious safety issue with motorists swerving to try and miss huge potholes.

Glenna Mills, a resident of the Medway River/Bangs Falls area asks what it is going to take to get even the basic of road maintenance?

“I have called the Department of Transportation Operations Center about the condition of Medway River Rd. in Bangs Falls. I have sent pictures of the flooding caused by collapsed and blocked culverts . I have received the same answer every time, that it’s raining and that nothing can be done until it stops,“ says Mills. “But, after each rain event nothing is done.”

Masland says TIR for Queens County has only five full time workers, down from 15 plus. Sending more resources immediately would alleviate some of the pressures.

“The local TIR staff does tremendous work with the limited resources they have. More often than not, they have to borrow equipment from neighboring depots when their equipment is out of service or insufficient. This is unacceptable,” Says Masland. “We must fix these roads immediately before a serious accident happens”.

Lastly, Masland says it’s not just gravel roads, but main routes and highways.

“In 40 plus years of travelling Route 208, I have never witnessed such a state of disrepair. This is not just a gravel road problem, our main routes and highways are pothole ridden,” concludes Masland.