McNeil cabinet shuffle doesn’t go far enough

July 24, 2015 at 8:44 am

Premier ignores major issues in healthcare, says Baillie

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie says Premier McNeil’s cabinet shuffle today doesn’t go far enough.

He says for the McNeil government to turn a blind eye to the healthcare system, while patient care continues to suffer, is incompetent.

“The Premier clearly believes there are no major issues in our healthcare system and that everything is fine,” said Baillie. “The Liberals have made a complete mess of the health merger. Administration costs are ballooning while ERs and mental health beds close, wait times grow and the doctor and nurse shortages are spreading. The mental health system is in crisis. Today, the Premier has proven that either he doesn’t get it or he’s not prepared to deal with it.”

Baillie also questions the Premier’s decision to add another member to the cabinet.

“It sends the wrong message for the Premier to add another cabinet minister to his inner circle, at a time when he’s telling everyone else to cut back,” said Baillie. “Everyone except the Premier and cabinet are having to do more with less. Leadership requires restraint at the top.”