McNeil contradicts self …again

September 24, 2013 at 3:38 pm

Baillie: McNeil Liberals will not balance the budget

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says it is obvious the McNeil Liberals have no plan to balance the budget.

Today, McNeil was asked by a reporter when he thought a Liberal government could balance the budget. He replied “we said we would do it very early, we would do it in our first term.”

There is only one problem. The Liberal platform contains no timeline for a balanced budget. In fact, it adds $46 million in new spending annually.

“It’s obvious the McNeil Liberals have no plan to balance the budget because they just don’t know how,” said Baillie. “Stephen McNeil has changed his position on when and how to balance the budget too many times for Nova Scotians to trust him.”

Baillie says this isn’t the first time Stephen McNeil has contradicted himself on balancing the budget.

• In September 2012, it was reported the McNeil Liberals hired a pollster to determine whether the budget should be balanced in 2013 or not until 2017 (Chronicle Herald, September 9, 2012).

• Only a month ago, Stephen McNeil told the Dexter NDP the debt couldn’t continue to grow on at the rate it has been (Chronicle Herald, August 19, 2013).

Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie suggests Stephen McNeil may be starting to feel the pressure from Nova Scotians looking for a fiscally responsible alternative to the Dexter NDP and is now just making things up on the fly.

Baillie says Nova Scotians are looking for a leader who has a real plan to balance the budget.

“Balancing the budget is important so we’re not passing more debt along to our children,” said Baillie. “Nova Scotians want a leader who isn’t going to change his mind about important financial policies at the drop of a hat or on the advice of a pollster.”

Baillie says the Progressive Conservative plan, Change that Works, shows his government will post a surplus of more than $56 million in year one.