McNeil defends high taxes again, promises more of the same

September 20, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Baillie’s Progressive Conservatives will be different
HALIFAX, NS – Today Liberal leader Stephen McNeil continued to defend his high tax, high spend agenda. McNeil criticized Jamie Baillie for pledging to cut taxes and provide real relief for Nova Scotians.
McNeil told reporters that with Jamie Baillie’s plan to lower taxes, freeze power rates, stop wasteful spending and create more jobs “we will end up having a very different province.”
Baillie says McNeil is right.
“What the Liberal leader misses is that Nova Scotia families want a very different province. We are heading in the wrong direction with high taxes, high power rates, more wasteful spending and fewer jobs,” said Baillie.
“If Nova Scotians want more of Darrell Dexter’s failed economic policies, they can vote for the NDP or the Liberals. The Progressive Conservatives will build a very different Nova Scotia.”
Baillie says McNeil’s fear tactics and negative campaigning won’t work with Nova Scotia families who want a Premier who will protect their pocket books.
“Stephen McNeil says he can’t cut taxes and provide relief for Nova Scotia familes,” said Baillie. “Maybe the McNeil Liberals can’t, but the Progressive Conservatives can and will.”
Baillie says McNeil’s criticism of the Progressive Conservatives’ planned tax relief shows the Liberals can’t be trusted to make life easier.
In the past, Stephen McNeil has pledged to:
– Scrap the tax-on-tax on gasoline
– Reduce the small business tax to one per cent
– Freeze user fees
– End bracket creep
– Lower taxes
– End gasoline regulation
None of those promises are in the Liberal platform.
“The McNeil Liberals have shown their true colours by abandoning their promises in favour of an NDP-style high tax, high spend agenda,” said Baillie. “Nova Scotians who do want a very different province – one with lower taxes and one that looks out for the family budget – have only one choice.”