McNeil failing to defend Nova Scotia against Ottawa tax changes

September 13, 2017 at 12:19 pm

Baillie says Premier must stand up to his federal counterparts and oppose the proposed tax changes.

A Liberal leader in Atlantic Canada is taking a stand against the Ottawa Liberals’ reckless tax grab, but to no one’s surprise, Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil continues to be silent on the issue.

Newfoundland and Labrador’s Liberal Premier, Dwight Ball, stood up to his federal counterparts this week when he told Prime Minister Justin Trudeau the federal tax changes will have unintended consequences and could hurt his province’s small businesses.

Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie is wondering why Premier McNeil won’t do the same for the people he represents.

“It is very concerning that Premier Stephen McNeil is toeing the party line on the issue,” says Baillie. “I have no doubt that the Ottawa Liberal’s disastrous policies will hurt Nova Scotia’s struggling economy and make the doctor shortage even worse. Premier McNeil must take a stand against this unfair tax grab.”

Baillie says this issue requires immediate leadership from both the provincial and federal governments.

In August, he launched a petition to help pressure the Liberals to stop this unfair tax grab. People can add their name at their local Progressive Conservative MLA’s constituency office, or online at