McNeil fails to give Cape Breton a voice on Treasury and Policy Board

June 28, 2017 at 9:30 am

Cape Breton has no representation on the government’s Treasury Board.

SYDNEY RIVER, NS – Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg Progressive Conservative MLA Alfie MacLeod says Stephen McNeil’s failure to name a Cape Breton MLA to the Treasury and Policy Board shows the government isn’t committed to addressing the growing list of issues facing Cape Breton residents.

“Instead of ensuring board representation for Cape Bretoners, the McNeil government shut them out,” says MacLeod. “After the strong message Cape Bretoners sent during the election, they deserve to have a voice at the table.”

The Treasury and Policy Board is a powerful cabinet committee that oversees government spending and policy. MacLeod says with ongoing concerns around the doctor shortage, mental health crisis and declining population, there needs to be a Cape Breton perspective on this important board.

“There should be someone on this board who understands the struggles and challenges people on the island are facing. Otherwise, how will their concerns be heard by the people making the big decisions?” says MacLeod.

MacLeod adds that this isn’t the first time Stephen McNeil turned his back on Cape Bretoners.

In 2015, MacLeod brought attention to the fact that there was no Cape Breton representation on the Nova Scotia Business Inc. board of directors, even though the island is predominantly rural and in need of economic growth.

“Communities and families on the island are struggling, and they are tired of being ignored by this government,” says MacLeod. “The Premier needs to start listening and taking their concerns seriously. Having a Cape Breton MLA on the Treasury and Policy Board would ensure those concerns are being brought forward.”