McNeil government failing to protect personal information

April 30, 2018 at 11:24 am

Progressive Conservative leader Karla MacFarlane says today’s latest privacy breach announcement is another reminder of this Liberal government’s incompetence.

MacFarlane says the government is trying to avoid proper public scrutiny and accountability by releasing this information via press release. She adds this just doesn’t cut it.

“The government has mishandled this issue from the very beginning and today proves they haven’t learned from their mistakes,” says MacFarlane. “Minister Arab should have held a technical briefing and press conference about this latest breach, which involved the download of almost 900 of the same documents accessed in the original privacy breach.”

MacFarlane says the double breach of the same information proves what the official opposition has been saying all along – The government just can’t be trusted to keep personal information safe.

“The Liberals left the portal wide open. They used full force to arrest a 19-year-old kid but now they must be left scratching their heads,” she says. “This is pure incompetence.”

In the wake of the Minister’s complete mishandling of private information, the PC’s called for Minister Arab to resign. She failed to step down and Premier McNeil failed to hold her accountable.

“What does the Premier have to say for his Minister and his government today?” asks MacFarlane. “How can he reasonably expect Nova Scotians to trust him when information like their birthdates, social insurance numbers and home addresses have been so carelessly protected.”