McNeil hides behind razor-thin Northwood surplus, won’t own up to devastating cuts

August 26, 2016 at 9:52 am

Baillie to McNeil: Reverse Nursing Home Cuts Now

HALIFAX, NS – Stephen McNeil needs to immediately stop his shameful treatment of Nova Scotia seniors. Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says reversing his devastating cuts to the food budget at nursing homes like Northwood Manor in Halifax is a good place for the Premier to start.

Yesterday, the Premier said food and nutrition issues at facilities like Northwood are the fault of caregivers and administrators – not his government. McNeil told reporters that facilities should use their own surpluses to provide healthy food. According to CTV News, Northwood’s surplus last year was about $26,000. McNeil’s cuts to Northwood were about $600,000.

That means even if Northwood used its full surplus to provide better meals for residents, as the Premier arrogantly suggested, Stephen McNeil would be satisfied to see seniors eat on an extra fifteen cents per day.

“Stephen McNeil’s miserable treatment of Nova Scotia seniors has been nothing short of shameful. He needs to finally be honest about the true impact of his major cuts and reverse course today,” said Baillie. “While the Premier deflects any blame, seniors’ quality of life is caught in the crossfire. The Premier should do the right thing and give nursing homes back their food budgets.”

Baillie says he’s heard from many seniors who have told him McNeil’s latest stunt means they will never be able to trust the Premier again.

“The Premier told our seniors they could trust him, but that trust has been shattered,” said Baillie. “Here’s the truth: Stephen McNeil doesn’t know how to manage the affairs of our province so when the going got tough, he took the axe to services for seniors.”

Pointing to the pharmacare debacle and other cuts to long-term care and services for seniors, Baillie says the Premier’s attacks on nursing home residents are part of a pattern.

Baillie says he will not stop calling the Premier out for his shameful treatment of seniors until food and nutrition issues at Northwood and all across the province have been addressed properly.

“I will not stop until our parents and grandparents get the kind of care they deserve,” said the Progressive Conservative leader.