McNeil Liberals blur line between politics and governing

May 10, 2017 at 4:59 pm

Halifax Atlantic Liberal candidate Brendan Maguire today took to Facebook to announce funding to clean up the RDM recycling site, raising serious questions about whether the McNeil Liberals are blurring the lines between politics and governing.

This video prompts serious questions:

  • Was Brendan Maguire making a campaign announcement or a government announcement?
  • Is the Premier’s office, in the middle of an election, in communication with Liberal candidates about funding for government projects? Maguire says, “I just got off the phone with the Premier’s office.”
  • The candidate says “We now have a firm commitment from the provincial government to clean up the RDM Site.” Who confirmed this funding with Brendan Maguire?
  • Is the Halifax Regional Municipality currently in discussions with the Province of Nova Scotia regarding partnering on this project?
  • Is the clean-up in the 2017/18 Liberal budget?
  • Why did the McNeil Liberals wait until an election and then make a haphazard social media announcement?

Just days ago Maguire came under fire at a rally for safe drinking water in Harrietsfield (video located in the Broken Glass Voters of Nova Scotia Facebook group).