The McNeil Liberals desperately playing fast and loose with truth

May 24, 2017 at 10:38 am

Labi Kousoulis under fire for a misleading newspaper advertisement

In a desperate bid to distract from their legacy of cuts and broken promises, the McNeil Liberals have ramped up a campaign of misinformation.

Labi Kousoulis, the Liberal candidate in Halifax Citadel-Sable Island, is coming under fire for a misleading advertisement in The Coast. The advertisement reads, “Your Liberal government has frozen clear cutting on crown land,” despite the fact that media reports say the McNeil Liberals are clearcutting crown lands at a rate of 80-90 per cent.

Yesterday, Stephen McNeil told media to ask Kousoulis about the ad, but so far, voters have only heard crickets.

Earlier in the campaign, the Nova Scotia Health Authority rebuked a claim from Hammonds Plains-Lucasville Liberal candidate Ben Jessome that doctors in his riding would be allowed to set up solo practices.

On top of that, Halifax Atlantic Liberal candidate Brendan Maguire’s political announcement of provincial and municipal funding to clean up the RDM recycling site in Harrietsfield was proven to be false by the Halifax Regional Municipality.

In all of these cases, the McNeil Liberals have failed to show courage under fire by not answering the tough questions.

This continued pattern of deceit proves the McNeil Liberals will “say anything” to get re-elected.

The people of Nova Scotia deserve and expect better from their government. Jamie Baillie and the Progressive Conservatives have put forward a realistic platform that contains a number of accountability measures, including independent costing of party platforms and an annual review of government promises.