McNeil Liberals failed to fix education in Glace Bay

May 18, 2017 at 7:13 am

PC candidate says more education cuts are hurting students

Glace Bay Progressive Conservative candidate John White says the failure of the McNeil Liberals to make improvements to classrooms is already having significant consequences in Glace Bay schools.

Michelle Jackson is the parent of a seven-year-old who attends John Bernard Croak V.C. Memorial School. Jackson says on April 26th, she received a letter saying her son would no longer receive support from a speech-language pathologist, effective immediately.

“It is very frustrating,” says Jackson. “My son already has a lot of hurdles to overcome. Now that he’s losing valuable sessions with his speech language pathologist, his learning will become even more difficult.”

Several other positions are being cut from the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board, including two school psychologists, two guidance counsellors, and one speech-language pathologist.

“Vulnerable kids are at risk,” Jackson says. “Children with learning difficulties and speech problems already get bullied in school and can become depressed. The loss of these language supports will affect my son for the rest of his life.”

John White says hearing what Ms. Jackson’s son is facing breaks his heart. White says as a teacher, he wants people to realize there are vulnerable children affected by the turmoil Stephen McNeil caused in schools.

“Stephen McNeil waged war on teachers, caused chaos in classrooms and left our education system weakened,” says White. “The McNeil Liberals can’t be trusted to fix our classrooms and these position cuts are just another example of that.”