McNeil Liberals ignore healthcare crisis

May 14, 2017 at 2:04 pm

Doctor shortage hurting vulnerable Nova Scotians

WOLFVILLE, NS – The closure of a walk-in clinic in Kings South today is more proof the McNeil Liberals have failed to improve healthcare for Nova Scotians. 

The Nova Scotia Health Authority says the walk-in clinic at Eastern Kings Memorial Community Health Centre in Wolfville is closed today because of a lack of physicians

The Progressive Conservative candidate for Kings South, Peter Harrison, says with 100,000 Nova Scotians in need of a family doctor, it is crucial to have walk-in clinics and emergency rooms open.

“The ongoing closures of clinics and ERs across the province show Stephen McNeil isn’t making healthcare a priority,” Harrison says. “But, when people regularly have nowhere to turn when they get sick, I think it’s time to sound the alarm.”

Harrison adds that while Stephen McNeil has denied there is a healthcare crisis, walk-in clinic and ER closures have been going unaddressed.

“Kings South families have been hearing excuses from Stephen McNeil for too long. It is time for real action to make sure people receive the primary care they deserve,” he says.

A PC government led by Jamie Baillie will invest $13.5 million to hire new doctors, double the tuition relief program for doctors and nurse practitioners willing to practice in rural communities, and will rein in the provincial health authority and invest savings in frontline care.