McNeil Liberals refuse openness and transparency on FOIPOP breach

April 25, 2018 at 11:37 am

Liberal MLAs vote against shedding light on breach at Public Accounts Committee

The McNeil Liberals are not being transparent when it comes to the Freedom of Information Portal scandal. Two weeks ago, the government came under fire for their lack of security on the FOI website, which caused a breach in privacy for 700 Nova Scotians.

Today, during the agenda setting portion of Public Accounts Committee, Tim Houston, the Progressive Conservative member of the committee, put forward the FOIPOP breach as a topic. The McNeil government voted against it.

“I gave them an opportunity to be transparent with Nova Scotians and they voted against it,” says Houston. “If government felt there was nothing to hide, they would have no problem letting the Internal Services department appear before the committee to answer some basic questions about what happened.”

The Liberals are hiding behind the Auditor General’s audit, but Houston isn’t buying it. Houston is worried this issue will get buried like the IWK expense scandal. Last year, the Public Accounts committee agreed to not have the IWK scandal appear before Public Accounts because the Auditor General was doing an audit.

“Approaching a year later and we still don’t have answers. We simply cannot allow this breach to get buried like the hospital expense scandal,” says Houston. “There’s nothing that would happen in this committee that would impede the work being carried out by the office of the Auditor General. I don’t think their excuse is one that Nova Scotians appreciate.”

Houston says the PC Caucus won’t stop demanding accountability from the McNeil Liberals and will continue to push for answers.