McNeil Liberals: The new party of choice for big union bosses?

October 02, 2013 at 10:51 am

HALIFAX, NS – Yesterday, Liberal leader Stephen McNeil criticized the Dexter NDP’s close ties with organized labour. Responding to questions about how political parties fundraise, McNeil said of the Dexter NDP, “this is a party that has labour leaders sitting around their caucus table – unelected people sitting around influencing the direction of the caucus.”

Argyle-Barrington Progressive Conservative candidate Chris d’Entremont says Stephen McNeil should review his own record on caving to special interest demands.

“Stephen McNeil has a long history of catering to the demands of special interests in the labour movement,” said d’Entremont. “On countless occasions Stephen McNeil has made ordinary Nova Scotians take a back seat while he has tried to court big union bosses into the Liberal tent.”

When the Progressive Conservatives introduced legislation to prevent work stoppages in hospitals during labour disputes, Stephen McNeil sided with big union bosses and the Dexter NDP.

When the province’s paramedics were in a strike position, Stephen McNeil again stood alongside big union bosses. Even the Dexter NDP opposed taking ambulances off the road with NDP candidate Lenore Zann saying last week that there would have been “blood on our hands” had they not passed back to work legislation.

When some of the province’s largest job creators voiced their opposition to the Dexter NDP’s job-killing first contract arbitration law, Stephen McNeil only proposed minor changes to the legislation.

“With the Dexter NDP about to be fired, Stephen McNeil has decided he wants to be the leader of choice for big union bosses and his actions in recent years prove that,” said d’Entremont. “We’re focused on helping ordinary Nova Scotians get ahead and we will always put their priorities first.”