McNeil Liberals have weakened Colchester North

May 06, 2017 at 10:43 am

Stephen McNeil and Karen Casey to tour today

Stephen McNeil and Karen Casey will try to convince the voters of Colchester North that together they have made Nova Scotia stronger. The families of Colchester North know the truth.
Here are five ways Stephen McNeil and Karen Casey have weakened Colchester North:
Stephen McNeil and Karen Casey waged war on our teachers, caused chaos in our classrooms, and left a weakened education system in their wake. Stephen McNeil and Karen Casey locked kids out of schools, imposed a contract on teachers, and failed to make any significant changes to improve classrooms.
Stephen McNeil likes to say there is no crisis in the province’s failing healthcare system, but Colchester County families left in the wake of his broken promise know better. Stephen McNeil and Karen Casey promised a family doctor for every Nova Scotian, but they failed. The McNeil Liberals have also failed to address the challenges in Nova Scotia’s mental health system. Far too many people are reaching out for help, but finding locked doors instead.
Karen Casey stood by while Stephen McNeil slashed funding to nursing homes and left some of our most vulnerable eating on less than $6 a day. Seniors were forced to rely on their families for fresh fruit and vegetables, and nursing home dining rooms were stretched thin. Stephen McNeil’s cuts led to dire situations for our seniors.
While some Colchester County families struggle to make ends meet, Karen Casey stayed silent while her leader doled out cash to his friends. Stephen McNeil signed a sweetheart deal with former Liberal leader Danny Graham, giving him $13,584 a month – or $447 a day – from the public purse.
Stephen McNeil lacks the vision and a plan to bring good jobs to Colchester North. Our families  know the only way to pay for the important services in healthcare and education is to make the economy grow again. Time and time again, Statistics Canada showed there were fewer full-time jobs in Nova Scotia. Youth left and jobs disappeared while Karen Casey and Stephen McNeil settled for the status quo.