McNeil Liberals have weakened Halifax

May 08, 2017 at 2:35 pm

Stephen McNeil doing damage control with Lena Diab, Labi Kousoulis, Patricia Arab

Stephen McNeil will join Halifax Liberal incumbents Lena Diab, Labi Kousoulis and Patricia Arab today, in hopes of convincing voters that together, they’ve made Halifax and Nova Scotia stronger. However, McNeil’s record shows his government has made Halifax weaker.

Here are five ways Stephen McNeil has weakened Halifax:

Stephen McNeil denies that there is a crisis in healthcare, but the 100,000 without a family doctor know better. A recent survey says 20 per cent of Halifax residents don’t have a family doctor. The McNeil Liberals broke their promise of a family doctor for every Nova Scotian and even had the gaul to ask for at least another three years to try again. Stephen McNeil, Lena Diab, Labi Kousoulis, and Patricia Arab stood by while the Victoria General hospital continued to be plagued with problems and Halifax emergency rooms have regularly been plunged into chaos due to overcrowding.

Whopper Drop land deal
Questions still linger about why Stephen McNeil made the shady purchase of the “Whopper Drop” land in Bayers Lake from a high-profile Liberal donor. Stephen McNeil’s poor judgment has taxpayers on the hook for land purchased for 12 times more than its value. Protecting vulnerable people, and taxpayers, is clearly not a priority of the McNeil Liberals. The McNeil Liberals failed to engage the public on where health services should be offered.

The McNeil Liberals slashed millions in long-term care, leaving some of our most vulnerable eating on less than $6 a day. Seniors were forced to rely on their families for fresh fruit and vegetables, and the dining rooms were stretched thin. By nickel and dining nursing homes, the McNeil Liberals left some Halifax seniors in dire situations and disrespected our parents and our grandparents.

Stephen McNeil, Lena Diab, Labi Kousoulis and Patricia Arab weakened our education system when they waged war on teachers and created chaos in classrooms. The McNeil Liberals locked students out of their classrooms, forcing parents to find last-minute child care. They caused the first ever teachers’ strike in this province’s history, and caused irreparable damage to the government’s relationship with teachers in the process. Stephen McNeil claims his encounters with teachers during this campaign have been optimistic. NSTU president Liette Doucet is baffled by the comment, telling media teachers have “lost complete trust” in the McNeil Liberals. “Teachers do not believe in Stephen McNeil. They do not believe in the promises that he’s making now that he is campaigning.”

Mental health
The McNeil Liberals failed to make mental health a priority. Vulnerable people continue to fall through the cracks of the broken mental health system as families and friends are left to suffer. When people find themselves in crisis, there is nowhere to turn. Stephen McNeil and the Liberals are out of touch when it comes to the realities of mental illness, and have kept the doors closed when people need help the most.