McNeil must not fill provincial coffers with Ottawa Liberals’ tax grab

October 04, 2017 at 11:15 am

Baillie calls on Premier to rebate provincial portion back to NS small businesses

Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says Stephen McNeil must return any money his government receives as a result of the proposed Ottawa Liberals’ tax grab.

“The Ottawa Liberals are taxing our small businesses to fill their coffers, and that’s wrong,” says Baillie. “If Stephen McNeil won’t stand up to Ottawa and defend our small businesses, he must at least give back the provincial cut of the money that is brought in through this tax grab.”

Today, members of the Legislature will debate the Small Business Tax Protection Act. it was introduced by the PCs and would prevent an increase in provincial tax revenues payable by small businesses as a result of the proposed federal tax increases.

Last week, Baillie repeatedly asked Premier McNeil to tell Nova Scotians how much taxpayer money his government stands to gain from these changes but the Premier refused to answer. He couldn’t quantify the impact on jobs or our economy either.

Baillie says if this isn’t about filling our provincial coffers, then Premier McNeil should be fine to return the money.

“We are on the frontline of the Ottawa Liberals’ attack on small businesses,” says Baillie. “Premier McNeil must take concrete action against these increases by agreeing to return any money received to our small businesses.”