McNeil Liberals have neglected families in Dartmouth East

May 09, 2017 at 11:05 am

Stephen McNeil to visit candidate Edgar Burns today

Stephen McNeil will join Liberal candidate Edgar Burns this afternoon to try to convince families that Dartmouth East will be better off under the McNeil Liberals, but residents know the truth.

Here are five ways Stephen McNeil has neglected Dartmouth East:

Family doctors
Stephen McNeil likes to say there is no crisis in healthcare, but Dartmouth East families know better. Stephen McNeil promised a doctor for every Nova Scotian, but today, there are still 100,000 people on the waitlist. On the eve of the election, he had the gall to ask families for more time to hire doctors. Dartmouth East won’t fall for this again.

Stephen McNeil cruelly cut nursing home funding, leaving our parents and grandparents eating on less than $6 a day. Long-term care facilities have been forced to reduce staffing and decrease the quality of care that residents receive. McNeil’s disrespectful cuts led to critical situations in Nova Scotia’s nursing homes.

Stephen McNeil caused irreparable damage to our education system when he locked students out of their classrooms and imposed a contract on teachers. The turmoil in our schools divided students, teachers, parents and communities. What was left in McNeil’s wake was a weakened education system and broken trust with our teachers.

Mental Health
Stephen McNeil failed to prioritize mental health. Loved ones fell through the cracks of Nova Scotia’s broken mental health system as families and friends felt helpless. Vulnerable Nova Scotians continuously had nowhere to turn when they found themselves in crisis.

For the last four years, Stephen McNeil repeatedly cried poor when it came to investments in important areas like healthcare and nursing homes. Nevertheless, he could always find plenty of cash for his friends. McNeil signed a sweetheart deal with former Liberal leader Danny Graham, giving him $13,584 a month – or $447 a day – from the public purse.