McNeil offers no relief to ratepayers

September 09, 2013 at 12:30 pm

SACKVILLE, NS – Sackville-Beaver-Bank Progressive Conservative candidate Sarah Reeves says Stephen McNeil’s energy scheme is harmful for ratepayers and could drive power rates even higher than they are under the Dexter NDP.

“Stephen McNeil’s risky scheme has been tried in other jurisdictions and failed miserably. In fact, it has been proven to raise rates,” said Reeves.

Reeves was quick to point out that Stephen McNeil supports the same out of touch and unaffordable energy targets as the Dexter NDP.

“Only the Jamie Baillie Progressive Conservatives have a real plan to re-write the Dexter NDP’s unaffordable energy plan,” said Reeves. “The Liberals and the NDP are both asking Nova Scotians to keep footing the bill for their out of control energy schemes.”

The PCs five-point detailed plan to provide rate relief includes:

1. Buy renewable electricity within the current rates; 2. Scrap the fuel-adjustment mechanism; 3. Rein in Nova Scotia Power by removing its guaranteed profit; 4. Use more natural gas; and 5. Create a Maritime energy grid.