McNeil pension plan: MLAs keep getting richer, you keep getting poorer

October 03, 2013 at 4:07 pm

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says comments made by Cumberland North Liberal candidate Terry Farrell prove Stephen McNeil’s Liberals are out to protect the gold-plated MLA pension plan while taxpayers get the shaft.

“Stephen McNeil will continue collecting the highest taxes in Canada and continue piling new debt onto the backs of our children while MLAs will keep getting richer,” said Baillie.

In response to a question from Cumberland North Progressive Conservative candidate Judi Giroux about the gold-plated MLA pension plan at the Cumberland North candidate forum on September 24th, Farrell said “it is not the highest paying position in the province, sacrifices are made and people that make those sacrifices have to be fairly compensated for those.”

Baillie says few Nova Scotians would consider a 6-to-1 gold-plated pension to be a sacrifice.

“Stephen McNeil and his candidates continue to defend a gold-plated MLA pension plan that ordinary Nova Scotians couldn’t even dream of,” said Baillie. “Public service isn’t about lining your own pockets. It’s about serving the people you represent.”

Baillie says a Progressive Conservative government will scrap the gold-plated MLA pension plan and appoint a panel of citizens to set MLA pay and benefits.