McNeil playing dishonest political games with teachers negotiations

November 29, 2016 at 3:28 pm

Premier’s YouTube video uploaded before negotiations broke off

HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says the fact that Premier McNeil recorded and posted a video about talks with the teachers breaking down before the talks actually had broken off proves he’s willing to resort to desperate and dishonest tactics to cover up his complete mismanagement of our classrooms.

The Premier’s office today confirmed to CBC that the video was recorded before the contract talks actually ended.

The PC Caucus first alerted the public to the video in question on Monday when the YouTube timestamp indicated the video was uploaded 3:57 pm on Friday, November 25. Talks between the government and the teachers didn’t end until later that evening.

“The Premier is now resorting to dishonest tactics to cover up his own incompetence. How can the the Premier claim he was bargaining in good faith when he had already recorded and uploaded that video,” says Baillie. “No wonder there are questions about the Premier’s motives. He’s playing politics plain and simple.”

Baillie says McNeil owes Nova Scotians an apology.

“The next video message from Premier McNeil needs to be an apology for being deceitful in the middle of a very trying time for parents, students and teachers,” says Baillie. “It’s time he answered for his dishonesty.”

Baillie says the McNeil government’s incompetence is putting our children’s education in jeopardy.

“This proves this whole thing is nothing but a communications exercise for Premier McNeil and his high-priced communications team, rather than an actual contract negotiation. They don’t care about classrooms, they care about playing politics.”

Baillie says he’s disappointed that Christmas concerts and extracurricular activities are now being cancelled because of Premier McNeil’s mismanagement.

“Parents, teachers and students do not want a strike,” says Baillie. “The only person gunning for a strike is the Premier and now we’ve seen just how far he’ll go to get one.”