McNeil skipped 36 per cent of cabinet meetings since September 1

December 12, 2016 at 2:52 pm

Premier No-Show must come to work, says Baillie

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HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says most employees who don’t show up to work do not stay on the job for long.

Since the beginning of September Stephen McNeil has missed 36 percent of all cabinet meetings.

It appears the Premier doesn’t intend to show up for Cabinet this week either, according to signals from his office. That will push it to a 40 per cent absentee rate for the Premier.

“It makes me wonder whether there is any Cabinet plan to tackle the serious issues facing Nova Scotia. How can Nova Scotians trust the Premier to resolve anything when he frequently skips cabinet meetings?” challenged Baillie. “No regular Nova Scotian gets to pick and choose when they show up to do their job. Why is it acceptable for Stephen McNeil?”

During the Liberals’ school cancellation stunt, the Premier simply could not be found. Instead of leading, Stephen McNeil sent Liberal MLAs to the Legislature to defend his unethical and incompetent handling of the teachers’ labour dispute, without him.

“The Premier seems to rely on his army of taxpayer-funded public relations people to do everything for him. Eventually he must face Nova Scotians,” said Baillie. “Stephen McNeil needs to show some leadership and start acting like a Premier.”