McNeil’s bad health deal: Not as advertised

January 05, 2017 at 6:07 pm

PC leader wants to know specifics of what McNeil traded away

HALIFAX, NS – It turns out the new healthcare deal Stephen McNeil signed with the federal Liberals was not as advertised.

The McNeil Liberals led people to believe the deal the government agreed to contains a “me too” clause that would allow Nova Scotia to adopt favourable conditions negotiated by other provinces in the future.

Today Finance Minister Randy DeLorey called the “me too” clause “hypothetical.” He went on to say the details of how the “me too” clause would work is still “up for discussion.”

“A deal that’s still ‘up for discussion’ is not a deal at all,” said Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie. “Every time this government goes to the negotiating table, Nova Scotians lose. We got hosed again.”

Baillie says Nova Scotia deserves a health agreement that reflections our aging population and wants to see a national pharmacare program. He says Stephen McNeil traded those away with his bad health deal.

To answer the many questions surrounding the deal, Baillie wants the provincial and federal Liberals to stop hiding and release the details of the health agreement today.

“The more we learn about this deal, the worse it becomes,” said Baillie. “Stephen McNeil isn’t being honest with us about his bad health deal. Nova Scotians deserve to know what Stephen McNeil traded away in healthcare. Both levels of government should release the details today.”