McNeil’s damage control tour

May 01, 2017 at 12:49 pm

Liberal leader hits Antigonish with finance minister

ANTIGONISH, NS – Stephen McNeil’s early election stop in Antigonish with finance minister Randy Delorey proves the Liberals are still trying to do damage control.

“Nearly four years in, Stephen McNeil and Randy Delorey have proven they have no vision for communities like ours. Sadly, this duo lack any credible plan for job creation and growth, but that’s exactly what we need,” says PC candidate Ray Mattie. “Mr. McNeil’s visit here today proves they are just trying to undo the damage they’ve caused since Mr. Delorey has been in charge of the public purse.”

Mattie says families in Antigonish are still reeling from the bad decisions and weak leadership of the last four years. Delorey, he says, can’t distance himself from the decisions of McNeil Liberals.

“He had a seat at the table and he failed to stand up for us,” says Mattie. “The family doctor crisis, the cuts to long term care, axing the film credit, and waging war on our classrooms. The list goes on and on. Mr. Delorey was a key member of the McNeil government and bears responsibility for the many ways in which they failed Antigonish.”

Mattie adds that if Stephen McNeil and Randy Delorey trusted their own budget, they wouldn’t have run out of the legislature before it could be debated.

“Mr. Delorey couldn’t afford a line-by-line review of his budget before this election,” says Mattie. “Families, seniors, even kids are all worse off than they were four years ago. They need doctors. They need jobs. They were looking for some vision and hope. All we’re getting today is Liberal damage control.”