McNeil’s double standard proves he doesn’t have a plan

October 02, 2013 at 12:10 pm

NORTH SYDNEY, NS – Northside-Westmount Progressive Conservative candidate and education critic Eddie Orrell is calling on Stephen McNeil to explain why he supports reducing the size of the bureaucracy in health care but not in education.

Earlier today Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie announced his plan to reduce the number of school boards in Nova Scotia to four. The reorganization will result in $23 million in savings that will be redirected into classrooms.

Stephen McNeil says he wants one District Health Authority to make all of the decisions in Halifax, but supports the bloated bureaucracy in the education system.

“Stephen McNeil has to explain why our students and their families should suffer under the weight of bloated administration costs in our education system,” said Orrell. “Stephen McNeil says there’s too much administration in health care, but thinks the education system is fine the way it is. By maintaining such a blatant double standard, Stephen McNeil is proving he simply doesn’t have a plan to govern.”

Orrell says the Progressive Conservatives’ fully costed plan, Change that Works, reduces wasteful spending at the top while increasing front line services in health care and education.

“Stephen McNeil is making it up as he goes along, but the Progressive Conservatives have a plan to put students and patients first,” said Orrell. “Our detailed plan is clear and consistent. We will put an end to wasteful spending at the top by reducing the size of the bureaucracy in health care and education and by pumping more money into the front lines of our schools and hospitals.”